3 thoughts on “Good to be thankful…”

  1. I hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

    I learned to print and then in the second grade learned to write in script. I wrote neatly until I went to college. Something about higher education; one learns so many new things, and forgets good penmanship.

    If I went now I would not take notes in class like back then. I’d use a digital recorder or my computer to record the lectures and make the notes when I reviewed the audio so I could write legibly.

    1. Bill:
      I hope you had a wonderful/enjoyable Thanksgiving as well. I made a great deal of effort to write well back in the day… of course by well I meant “looks good” as a result I wanted what I put down was “worth the effort”; and everything I put on paper had to say something… be unlike anything thing else or it was not worth the time/effort to press pen against paper. So hard to get something on paper other’s could read that I only did it to “say something”. Or at least convince myself of such…

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