Staying on focus…

Once you needed focus just to watch TV… no tape; no disc; no stream to rewind and play a section over.  No internet to review the show on… just your one shot as it played (and perhaps months later a re-run)…  I was watching “Empire” and found myself reaching for the remote before I remembered it was playing real time.  Back in the day… I would give my complete attention to a show; now I can count on instant replay in some form or another.

1951 Underwood Standard
1951 Underwood Standard

One thought on “Staying on focus…”

  1. Old B & W movies. You are right; color does take something away. I always liked and still like B & W photography much better. I think of the dramatic photos Ansel Adams made, nearly all B & W.

    Like your typewiter. Looks very similar to my 1947 and 1950 standard. If I would have been placed on an Underwood in typing class instead of an Olympia I would have loved typing. Nothing beats those neat old Underwood typewriters.

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