Internet reviews… not always worth the type

I often check the internet to check my facts, and information on stuff… sometimes I am impressed until I notice “sponsored”… so I check other sites and sometimes real world customer’s aren’t so happy!  But I keep hopping the sponsored site was true!!

1932 Rheinmetall
1932 Rheinmetall

3 thoughts on “Internet reviews… not always worth the type”

  1. The thought of a car engine cookbook really tickles my funny bone. However, part of me is thinking, “Hmmm, that’s not such a bad idea…”

    I really admire your Rheinmetall with its red accents.

    1. marytech:
      Thank you… the looks of the Rheinmetall caught my eye and back in the day when you had looks of room under the hood of a car I took serious thought on trying to cook something of long road trips; but by the time I owned my own car; car design had changed a great deal. Plus the fear of something coming lose and spilling liquid and meat etc. all over my engine caused me to have second and third thoughts.

  2. Back in the day when there was space around an engine and the headers were clear, cooking on an engine was possible. Probably done more than we know on really old cars.

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