4 thoughts on “Western Union Underwood types 750th post…”

  1. I have a Friden Flexowriter with all caps San Serif type, just like yours. I put on a purple ribbon, and printed up some Western Union blank forms on ivory paper (actually had them printed, it was before the days of laser copiers). Fooled a lot of friends.

  2. Amazing! 750 already, and I’ve only made it to 667 so far. 😀

    That WU Underwood is in amazing shape & I know what you mean by the habit of shifting – that always jinxes me on an Olivetti Linea I have with some kind of labelling typeface on it. The shifted letter positions are all a null “double-dot” character. Never understood why they just didn’t repeat the same letter in the shifted position on that machine. 😛

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