Just looking to laugh…

I hear folks are upset about the new Muppet show… questions about how to explain the relationship between a frog and a pig… a question I am sure was big on our minds in the 70’s!  Or back to the 60’s… that moose and squirrel,  or that dog Peabody and his “boy” Sherman… as a kid I did not care!  I only wanted to laugh… How did we become so serious!

1903 Underwood No. 4
1903 Underwood No. 4

One thought on “Just looking to laugh…”

  1. I remember Rocky & Bullwinkle and all the rest. I liked the Muppets also. I guess the complainers are a bunch of political correct liberals that do not know animals do not wear clothes! I never knew the Muppets were to be serious either. Perhaps I need to join the PC crowd….naa. I’ll stay like I am uninvolved in any of the title crowds and just get along with everyone and laugh at the Muppets.

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