I like to push buttons…. not touch screens!

Sliding my fingers across a screen to move a page… just seems “icky”.  Years of removing finger print smears from my eyeglasses… links fingers and glass not in a good way.  My new E-reader has no buttons… its all touch… I miss the buttons.

1929 Royal Portable
1929 Royal Portable

2 thoughts on “I like to push buttons…. not touch screens!”

  1. I understand the shortfalls of a touch screen perfectly. Nothing can replace a real book. No PC of any kind can flip pages and search as fast as I can using a book. Those who think digital is everything are missing out on 90% of life.

    Yes, I like my Kindle Fire, prefer my old keyboard Kindle, and I like computers of all sorts, but I still rather read a book, write with a pencil or fountain pen, and type with a real typewriter. Oh, I use real cameras with real film too! Finally remember digital music of any kind is only a sample of the music I like real music on fast reel to reel tape or good clean vinyl amplified with my tube preamp and amp.

    I have a Victrola too.

    1. Bill M.
      Back in college, the theater department had in storage a Victrola… I pulled it off the shelf and listed to the pile of 78’s they had as well. I keep thinking one day…

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