Holding on to the good….

When life takes a turn toward the dark like it did in a church in South Carolina… my thoughts turned to the church and holding on to plow… When the way gets dark as night, I know the lord will be my light…  Fear of the future and all the terror in the world is never a reason to add more…

Fear is like a chain on a person’s soul… and the only chain that a man can stand is the chain of hand on hand…

In the face of evil I hold on to good…

1964 Wizard Truetype
1964 Wizard Truetype


2 thoughts on “Holding on to the good….”

  1. Amen. I think you are on to something: “Some just lack the ability to see people.” There is a blindness, a willful and culpable blindness, in anyone who will injure and murder others in the name of some simplistic and ignorant label. May the dead rest in peace.

  2. … So, thinking further, I guess I believe killers like this ARE able, by nature, to see others — but they have chosen to disable that natural ability. They keep making that choice over and over. That’s why I called the blindness “willful and culpable.” But who knows? It’s hard to understand evil.

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