3 thoughts on “Like a cockroach for goodwill…”

  1. Your blog continues to open up ad ware for gaming sites, on both android and iOS mobile devices. You need to get this fixed, or I will consider your blog as spam.

    1. joevc:
      I looked up the meaning of spam: Spam (electronic), unsolicited or undesired electronic messages Email spam, unsolicited, undesired, or illegal email messages. This blog is not sent to anyone or viewed by anyone… except by choice. Some ads on the site exist because I had hopes it would help me keep going… of which I have earned $.67 cents in three years. Thank you for your time, I understand your frustrations. Again it is your choice and option… I do not send out anything to anyone… I do ask anyone to send me anything. I will make every effort to keep off my site all things that are unwanted… none the ads on my site should be of the pop-up kind and none of this kind show when I access from other computers. Turn off pop-up in your browser if this is happening to you. I can only run more scans to remove all unwanted actions… which I will do. Thank you.

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