3 thoughts on “I hear the thud… and the thud is good…”

  1. 44 miles! You would definately give my neighbor a run for his money. He gets about that much on his bike every week on grocery runs. I also found out he is quite a runner as he passed me by the other morning on my morning run.
    Generlally when I over do one thing, like my bike, I’ll walk the next day. If it is over doing running, I’ll hit the bike. I generally find a nice walk does wonders for my spirit regardless.

  2. I am really impressed with the evenness of the output from your Remington Noiseless. I remember as a kid in a small town, our doctor shared a small office building with another doctor. They had a common lobby where each nurse/assistant would sit at a desk. One had a noiseless typewriter, and one was a standard. What a noticeable difference. And I do remember back in those days, the Sears Roebuck catalog had a special ribbon for noiseless typewriters. I always assumed it was inked more heavily, but maybe it was heavier material. Could you use a black/red ribbon on a noiseless?.

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