Baseball was once a game…

I use to play “one on one” baseball with my older brother…. the problem with the sport is people forgot all you need to play is something to toss and something to hit it with…  you do not need gloves (hands work, hats)… you do not need a bat (sticks, pipes work)… you do not need special shoes (or shoes at all) and a baseball (heck… if it could be thrown… someone would swing at it).

1909 Underwood (Western Union)
1909 Underwood (Western Union)

4 thoughts on “Baseball was once a game…”

  1. The fun of baseball as a young fellow gets lost somewhere when we start the win only philosophy of organized games. I remember many fun games of baseball played in the alley behind our house or on the vacant lot at the end of the alley. Like you, we played using whatever we could find and by whatever rules all the fellows agreed to follow.

    I never liked watching it on TV though. Too many commercials. Never felt I wanted to go to a pro game either. Pay a high price for everything just to watch a bunch of millionaires playing and later listen to them complain to the commentators. As with all sports, I’d rather play than watch.

    Your post brings back many fond memories. The Western Union Underwood makes the post special.

  2. Great post on baseball. With all of the craziness surrounding the NFL at this point, I do hope that there will be a resurgence in interest for America’s pastime. I regularly listen to games on the radio while I type; usually with a beer near by as well.
    I posted a similar remembrance recently – typed of course. We used apple trees as bases. Here’s the link- thanks for the fun read. ~TH~

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