Snow drops peace on every surface….

Snow drifts and falls and shifts and blows… and brings with it a cool comfort and soft places to fall on hard days.  Snow falls and each flak drops a piece of peace if you wait… and watch it cover the worst looking spot and transforms it to a clean surface fresh and smooth!

1961 Olympia
1961 Olympia

2 thoughts on “Snow drops peace on every surface….”

  1. Your post makes me miss the snow even more. I’ve had quite a bit of fun driving, walking, and playing in the snow. I think a newly fallen snow brings out the best in people. It has to do with the silent, soothing effect of the snow flakes falling on the ground. Once the snow starts to lay it creates a quiet sound all its own. I used to walk in some of the roughest, high crime areas of the city, when and where I went to college, in the snow with my cameras taking photos. Everyone was always friendly in the snow.

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