4 thoughts on “Why… I Orga…”

  1. Remember the Geroge Burns song…I Wish I Was 18 Again? If only we could make our appearence match to what others think we are in age? My wife and I always looked 10 or mor years younger than others. That angered us in our college days as we were always the ones thought too young to drink or still in high school. Now that we are closer to 60 and others think we are in our 40s neither of us mind. Physical activity always helps too. Dr. keeps telling me I’m in better shape than the 20 somethings he sees. Either they are really out of shape or I’m really in better shape than I think.

    1. Bill:
      I remember the song… the only thing if I were 18 I would like to have some of the insights age has given me as well. Otherwise if I had the same mindset I did where I was 18… I would repeat all the same mistakes and not benefit at all.

  2. Great post – I just may dust off the bike. It has not been that long ago that a metric century at an average of about 12 mph over hilly terrain was no big deal to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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