4 thoughts on “My sears typewriter… may out live Sears the store”

  1. Very nice looking Sears typewriter. I’ve yet to add one to my collection.
    I remember Sears when they were a power house in retail. Now from mismanagement only a shadow of themself.
    I’m not old enough to remember when they sold houses and barns. I wanted to buy a part of a farm one time that had a big beautiful Sears barn on it. The owner was more interested in only selling the house and tearing down the barn to sell more building lots. Huge shame. I lived in a city that had a section called million dollar hill because all the houses there sold for near that. All of the houses were Sears houses that were built for a few thousand dollars including the land.

  2. Sears Tower? There will always be a Sears tower, to me. I’ve lived in or near Chicago all my life, and I know not this “Willis Tower” abomination of which the neophytes speak. Type on, friend.

  3. Bill:
    Its a shame that a store that had it all could not change with the times… while others seem able to take the basic concept (Walmart) and make it work.

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