3 thoughts on “Blickensderfer 8 with carbon paper…”

  1. I have a Blickenderfer, and I just put a drop of stamp pad ink on the roller when I want to use it. But I agree with Richard that a calculator ink roller would probably work. You might have to make it narrower, but a razor blade should do that nicely.

    Another thought: I bought a ream of “self-copying” paper years ago. It works like NCR paper, but does not require a matching top sheet. It responds to pressure on the surface. I used it to make copies of my bank deposit slips, so I would have the detail. The last time I checked it is rather expensive, I think over $30 a ream. If you want, I will send you several sheets. Small mom and pop cafes would use them for menus before copy machines became readily available.

    Wait, I think they used sheets that had a blue background covereed with white wax. Where the image was, the wax would disappear and leave a blue image.

    The self copying paper mentioned above can get quite “dirty” when sent through the mail, from pressure from the mail processing equipment.

    Phill (Phoenix)

    1. Phil & Richard:
      Phil I believe I have some of the paper you mentioned in a box in a closet in a room someplace that I can look for. Thank you.

      I will look into the roller from a calculator. I appreciate the information very much.

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