I discover ETCetera is fun, funny and a great read…

Three years ago I went to the Etcetera (Newsletter for the Early Typewriter Collectors Association) and found it full of information.  Now I find it a to be a great read; full of humor and interesting things to do.

1965 Royal Aristocrat
1965 Royal Aristocrat

Some how I missed out on Ed Peters comment in issue 1 (Oct 1987) regarding when to be choosy: “If I had heeded my own advice, I never would have accumulated a basement full of common Remingtons, Underwoods, L.C. Smiths and the like- some of them so bad that only a mother could love them…”

Or issue 2 (Jan 1988) “Sitting on your hands and enjoying your “secret collection” is kind of like scoring a hole-in-one when you’re playing alone.”

Just goes to show how one’s views change with time and knowledge.  (I just sent off my check to subscribe…


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  1. I’m glad that you’re subscribing!

    For those who may not know, lots of back issues are available free at etconline.org. For more recent and current issues (printed on glossy, full-color paper), you’ll have to pony up some modest cash.

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