2 thoughts on “Thoughts before the fall…”

  1. Fall & spring. Two seasons I miss. I did notice though that the leaves are beginning to fall as I mowed yesterday and chopped quite a few along with the grass. Here in FL the days get a bit shorter and a bit cooler from about October to April, but no real change of seasons.

    I remember those old phones. The good made in the USA from Western Electric, Northern Electric, Stromberg-Carlson and a few others. Made to work and last unlike the Japanese and Chinese and other off-shore made junk we are stuck using today. I still have and use my old late 1960 something touch tone phone. I’d use the older rotary one, but we have fiber optic and it will not work on fiber.

    Sure is a great looking typewriter.

  2. Bill: Having grown up in an area with full seasonal weather… from super hot summers to bitter cold winters; I truly appreciated the transitional Spring/Fall moments a great deal.

    I enjoy the Everest Typewriter… although a few find it lacking both in appearance and operation.

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