6 thoughts on “Taming the fox…”

  1. I have a Fox no. 25 myself, and would declare it a very sturdy, well built and lasting machine personally. I think that the large host of possible conditions that a machine may have been stored in can allow even a strong machine crumble to dust.
    On a side note, Fox desktops are built with thick typebars and bearing mounts to ensure proper alignment until the end of time. How on earth your “x” key is striking low is beyond me.

  2. Tyler: Good things to know. The more I examine the machine it looks as if more care was given to its appearance than to its mechanical well being. I am happy to hear that yours is sturdy and built to last.

  3. I was raised to believe that the telephone is for speaking to people you know or who have specifically invited you to call them, and thus I have no problem with simply hanging up on people who call uninvited. As a happy coincidence, I haven’t gotten sales/begging calls on my phone in years. Apparently they *will* eventually stop calling you if it’s demonstrably obvious that doing so is invariably unproductive. (:

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