2 thoughts on “Returning to norm…”

  1. Congratulations on the ride!
    It is somehting I’ve wanted to do. Now living in FL there is no challenge. Florida does not even have hills. I ride 20 to 30 miles and only work up a sweat because of the hot humid weather.

    I missed many of your recent posts, but your blog is not alone. I’ve not thoruoughly read most over the past few weeks prepairing for a new job and move (soon I hope).

    I missed it and the Bix this year. We headed to Iowa too early for both. Mrs. was encouraging me to go for the Bix (she wanted another trip home), but I have not been running nearly enough and compared to other — probably at a snail’s pace.

    You have a great out look on life. I hope you do reach the century mark in good health and can make the ride at 100.

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