My typewriter matches this page (Black & White)…

I never thought a two tone black/white typewriter would look so beautiful.  This 1955 Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe is ready for any party.  Formal tux, black tie affairs… Trips to the zoo to hang with Penguins or Zebras…. like to think it is the typewriter of choice for the men in black.

1955 Underwood Quiet Tab
1955 Underwood Quiet Tab

2 thoughts on “My typewriter matches this page (Black & White)…”

  1. Michael:
    The right price is not based on the value of the typewriter but how much I am willing to spend on any typewriter. This would include the cost to ship. Once a typewriter reaches the 3 digit mark my interest is on the decline and if a two is the first of the three digits I start to find reasons to walk away. I like typewriters that only have two digit prices and love the ones I paid less than 10 bucks for. Cheap is a good word.

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