2 thoughts on “Adding up the miles…”

  1. I hope you reach you biking goals.

    I don’t ride nearly as much as I did before moving to Florida. I don’t run as much either. There is no challenge here except to avoid thunderstorms, mosquitoes, and boredom. No hills, no anything. It is easy to ride the miles though. I often find when I do ride I have put it 30 or so miles and do not realize it. Withouth hills it’s easy. That is what makes FL boring. Iowa has hills.

    I’ll be in Iowa too early for the ride.

  2. Bill M.
    Thank you for you support. As long as I enjoy being on the bike (once I get around to getting on it) this should not be an issue. It could very well be that my training route has become so routine that it gets in the way. I avoid the dogs, the traffic and rough roads… I have left myself routes that are less interesting.

    Thank you for reminding me… Take care.


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