The freedom to type… one letter at a time!

It’s great to have the ability to type and to express one’s view… all you need do is press some keys and words appear.  And if the letters are put together in a nice way and in a good way then you can have “peace of mind”, “love in your heart” all kinds of thoughts that relax and engage.  Just by putting letters together one at a time.

1966 Hermes 3000
1966 Hermes 3000

6 thoughts on “The freedom to type… one letter at a time!”

  1. Great thoughts, Gee. Just today I put some finishing touches on my recently acquired Hermes Baby that makes it a gem to type upon, and I can so easily relate to the joy of putting one word after another upon paper, to behold the magic therein.

  2. It’s amazing how a stiff machine will warm once you start to merely press the keys. Maybe a couple sprays and then more pressing and she remembers how to move.

    As dar as typing, it is so relaxing to hit those keys and hear those sounds and put words to paper

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