300 miles on the C-17 Brooks Cambium (rubber) Saddle

When the rubber meets the road… of something like that?  At 300 miles the Brooks Cambium feels like it did at 12.  Which is good and bad in its way.  Right out of the box it felt like a leather brooks after several hundred miles; the leather gets better the more miles you put in.  So far the Rubber stays the same.

1929 Demountable & C-17 Brooks Saddle
1929 Demountable & C-17 Brooks Saddle


2 thoughts on “300 miles on the C-17 Brooks Cambium (rubber) Saddle”

  1. Congratulations on your riding progress! In 1996, I rode the 500 mile Twin Cities to Chicago Aids Ride – one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve thought about the Iowa ride, and friends have done it!
    Cool that you got your Demountable out – it looks better than last time, you’ve done some work on it!?
    Nice of you to send the underwood FIVE to Richard – Thanks
    Are you in Iowa, I’m just across the Mississippi from Lansing , Iowa in Wisconsin.

  2. Don L.

    Don L.
    Thank you for your comments. I moved from Illinois decades ago… but had become hooked on RAGBRAI… so I return each summer for the fun in the sun. The food, the corn, the joy.

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