Went for 30 decided to settle at 28… couldn’t… 31 miles in all.

I want to not feel bad if I can’t meet my goals.  I’m just not there yet.  I guess I just set my goals to low; since I can meet them if I try hard enough.  Perhaps if I had unrealistic expectations then it would not matter if I reach them.  One day I will be mature enough to look at things that way… just not there yet.

1935 LC Smith & Corona No. 11
1935 LC Smith & Corona No. 11

2 thoughts on “Went for 30 decided to settle at 28… couldn’t… 31 miles in all.”

  1. The Iowa ride sounds more interesting each time I read your writing about it. I first heard of it a few years ago when my wife (from Iowa) mentioned it. She always knew I rode, but for some reason it is only in the past 10 or so years she mentioned the Iowa ride. I’d like to give it a go and thought I would for 60, but that will not happen. She wants me to ride as well as run the Bix, but neither will happen any time soon. Are there really hills that amount to much in Iowa? She claims there are.

  2. Bill M.

    Bill M.
    Yes there are some very steep hills in Iowa. I recall one hill that had a one mile climb… (signs were posted every .10 of a mile). Not every year has the hills but some parts of Iowa… yes!

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