5 thoughts on “1903 Underwood 4… pressing keys… random thoughts…”

  1. The longevity of these machines is a large part of the attraction for me – and I love the age “game” that you think through. 1845 – just 24 years after the age of Napoleon! Crazy!! Nice typer, tortuous keys notwithstanding. 😉

  2. Hi! I recently purchased an Underwood and it was repainted dark grey at some point, but the keyboard design indicates it is a No.4, not a No.5 like I first assumed. Some of the paint is peeling off the back of the machine (revealing the original black) but I am afraid to strip it all. Can you possibly tell me or show me a picture of exactly where you found the serial number so I can just remove the paint from that spot to check on the model? Thank you!

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