4 thoughts on “Imperial Portable Model 7 with Legal Carriage (14″)”

  1. Great that you got this. I noticed it on eBay. Really a rare curiosity, especially over here in the US! Then I saw one on eBay UK (where I’m sure they’re not common either). I’ve e-mailed you a couple of photos from that auction.

    1. Richard P
      Thank you for the pictures and taking the time to send them to me. The owner had a super low shipping price and accepted my offer (also low) and with a fresh ribbon I got what everyone wishes for. A honest, seller who packed it well… shipped quickly and sold for a reasonable price.

  2. My Olympia SM9 has a (rather common) 13″ platen, so evidently you have an inch on me! I am somewhat envious of your ℅, ligature, and 1/ keys. Very nice!

    1. rdj999
      Thank you! I will admit to the shallow happiness of words like “envious”… Even if it lacked the features you mentioned it would still be a typewriter worth owning. It types well and looks cool.

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