4 thoughts on “Some days… the sun comes out dispite expectations.”

  1. That is a beautiful typewriter and a fine typeface.

    You are inspiring me to keep records/goals for my bicycling. I ride often (and have ever since I got my first bike way way back when I was ? Probably about 8 or so) yet I never kept record of how far I ride or rode. Today was a perfect day here sunny, breeay, 91F (a bit warm. I like the 60s -70s) and only 44% RH, but I had house work to finish.

  2. Bill M.
    At first I did not keep track of my miles. Chances are I have ridden more miles than I have listed. I prefer to undercount and know I really did the miles than to guess and say I did more than I have. Over time the numbers slowly add up and it feels great to know I put in so many miles. I also like the fact that I set a goal and for 20 years I have managed to keep it.

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