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  1. I bought one exactly like this a few months ago. A fairly recent recruit of the typewriter insurgency, I was trolling eBay one day and saw one for auction, like new condition, still in it’s original packing materials and case, with owner manual, even.

    Seeing it struck a memory of my sister. She had one just like that when we were growing up in that little run-down shack of a house where we lived on the south side of Chicago. I was just a boy – perhaps only 8 or 9 years old at the time – and she worked as a secretary for an insurance company up in the loop. She rode the train in to work, and every day she would bring me home something from the train station downtown. Some days it was a toy, others it was a candy bar. One time she brought me a rabbit’s foot keychain.

    When she was home, she used to let me play with her typewriter – a Royal Safari just like this one, tan and mod and space-agey. She kept it stored safely in its blue, hard plastic case. The tab you had to slide to open the case was missing, but I could easily flip the metal rod with my fingertip to release the catch and pop the case open. I loved the feel of the keys, the sound of the bell, the click of the platen as I loaded a fresh sheet of paper.

    My sister died just a few years later, when I was 13 years old. I have no idea what happened to her typewriter, but I have one, just like it, on the shelf in my closet in the hall. It sits there, waiting. Along with all the memories I have of being a young boy on the south side of Chicago back in the 70s.

  2. danpetreikis:
    Thank you for sharing… there are some things always worth the recall: Love, family, kindness… Thank you very much.

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