8 thoughts on “For $20.00 this Monarch Noiseless 8 makes a joyfull noise.”

  1. First Monarch Noiseless I’ve seen. Nice typeface. I did not realize how much the Monarch resembles my Remington Rand Model 1.

  2. Bill M.
    Its what drew me to the typewriter in the first place. The Monarch name was owned by Remington and it clearly states on the back that it is made by Remington Rand. Can’t say what difference besides the brand exists.

  3. What a great find! This angular design Noiseless looks good, a very loud and ornamental looking machine (and quiet sounding). The brand seems fitting for this design…

  4. “If only it were so easy to see the best in people when they are not having a good day or life has been less than kind.” That’s a fine carry-away.

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