6 thoughts on “For $9.99 I give another Gabriele 35 a type.”

    1. Steve:
      I’ve read about the quality as well. This one is much better than my first one which was from the late 1970’s while my best guess this was from the early part of their run.

  1. Great price. I always get confused on Gabriele series vs J series. It looks like my J5 which is a very nice typewriter. Neither of my J5s are quite as nice as my J4s. I have several of each. I find the touch of the J4 is just a bit nicer& the carriages a bit slicker. Then we all have our preferences. I like Adlers (Fast & smooth) better than Olympias (slow, but great quality) and most other people prefer the Olympias.

    $10k for a typewriter? Maybe if I had millions and the typewriter was a working Hansen Writing Ball.

    1. Bill M.
      I have a hard time (at a distance) telling the J5 from the Gabriele 35. I am sure there are differences. I agree about the quality of the Olympia… I just don’t seem grow attach to them the way I do other typewriters.

  2. Nice looking Adler.

    I’d be delighted to have a Brooks, but I am never going to be able to blow five figures on a typewriter. (I have blown four a few times, when the deal was good!)

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