Typing time with the Studio 44

This 1954 Studio 44 just improves with use.  Now that its starting to loosen up… it becomes hard to move on to another.  At first it did not strike me as that good of a typewriter but with each use my view shifts and now it is one of the special ones.

1954 Studio 44...
1954 Studio 44…

4 thoughts on “Typing time with the Studio 44”

    1. Steve K.
      I now have two… and in both cases I was less than impressed at first. Not sure why… but each use now and I am just pleased I stuck with them.

  1. I second your thumbs-up for the Studio 44 – a very solid machine, although the touch takes a little getting used to . And I’d like to tape a copy of that last paragraph on mine to help instill the positive in my correspondence. Nice post, GEE.

    1. Tony:
      Thank you very much for your comments and thoughts. Every once in a while the words flow nice. Must be the typewriter.

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