Hustle, Jazz, Duke & Rab…

It was jeep’s blues… the duke… Johnny Hodges… American Hustle… who would have thought it.  It was “Live from Newport” (1956) for a movie set in 1978.  I did get a little picky when they set the needle down on the record and Jeep’s Blues was the third song down on side B and not the first… but so what.  It was the Duke…

1908 L.C. Smith & Bros. No. 2
1908 L.C. Smith & Bros. No. 2

6 thoughts on “Hustle, Jazz, Duke & Rab…”

  1. A movie I need to see.

    Sometimes I think people steal other peoples things just to aggrivate. Perhaps they are young people who think they are only being mischevious.

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