3 thoughts on “I write not right but left handed…”

  1. Lefties of the world, unite! I too grasp my pencil and handlebars too hard; even after much disuse, I can still see how holding pencils and pens have changed my left hand. The handlebar clutching was instrumental in an incident that changed my life forever and led me to typewriters. I now know to let go when the moment calls for it, ha!

    1. Anna:
      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Will we get to hear more about that moment that led you to typewriters?

      1. You’re welcome, Gee! I think I did a post on how I found typers once, not long after I started my blog, but It’s definitely worth re-visiting and filling in some blanks. It will be a long rambler, to be sure. I kind of feel like typewriters saved my life back then; I was in quite a sad state.

        Which reminds me, I still need to restore the Royal Standard No. 5 that started it all…

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