2 thoughts on “Double Keyboard SP10’s are neat!”

  1. Nice typewriter. I’ve never known of anyone to use one of those.

    I too like real audio from vinyl. Much better sound, not a sample of sound like a CD or any digital audio.
    Digital video also is less quality than real video in many cases, choppy, blurred, digital artifacts. Then the news people no longer care if the video is any good, they air any kind of crap from a phone or any consumer device. Oh, and real off the air TV did not lock up, loose parity or pixelate. Snow was much more tolerable.

  2. Bill:

    I recall the days of “snow”… with the limited number of stations… no ability to record a show… re-runs would have been months away. If you got good audio the picture was good enough at almost any level. I doubt we would settle for the quality of back then.

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