2 thoughts on “The levers are back (#3 & # 5 1909 Underwoods)”

  1. And now there are two….
    When I got my Underwood No.3 off Ebay in mid 1912 with that strange, never before seen by me or some of the old time typewriter collectors, I was very curious as to what the lever did. Now that you have found a second one and your lever works as a back space I think the mystery is solved. There have been some speculation as to whether the lever is a factory part or if the typewriters were modified after manufacture. I would like to point out that the metal front panel has a factory or, at least, a machine made cutout for the shaft from the lever and does seem to be a factory part. The linkage is somewhat complex and ends up near the escapement. I myself do think the lever is a factory addition to the Underwood typewriters as their first back space mechanism. Readers, please note that the serial numbers of these two typewriters are not close to each other. That is easy to explain as the No.3 wide carriage Underwood has its own series of serial numbers while the Nos. 4 and 5 were numbered together, but separately, from the No.3. Thank you for your writing about these interesting Underwoods.
    Steve Stephens

  2. Now I have a different version of an Underwood to add to my wish list. I hope to add at least a nice No. 5 this year if we do not move. If we move it may be 2015. I decided no new to me typewriters this year and my collection has already grown 2 machines only 2 months into the year. At that rate I will match my no new to me typewriters goal failure of 2013 in which yeilded 14 additions!

    You type much better than me and make less typos. I like reading posts as they come to mind and print from the typewriter at the same time. I do 99% of mine that way and I DO make way too many typos, but it is the thought of the moment. Somehow my thoughts do not have typos until they appear on paper 🙂

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