4 thoughts on “What will I type in 2056?”

  1. I hope you make it to 100, 100+.

    I remember much of what you wrote. Where were you and what were you doing on 22 Nov. 63?
    Then there were nickel bottles of Coke and 3 cent Klein bars and penny cubes of Klein Grade A chocolate.

    I hope we all make it to 100 or more and are still typing.

  2. Service stations had coolers of Cokes, the bottles sitting in ice water, and you slid them thru a maze to a gate that opened when your dime was accepted. At least in Oregon they still pump your gas. Fun post. And I was a college junior walking to the student union sensing something was amiss.

  3. Tony:
    I remember those coolers. For a short period in time my father owned a gas station (the one with the chipmunks) I have no true date for when this was but had to be before 1965 and as early as 1960.

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