7 thoughts on “Facelift for a 1906 Underwood”

  1. 60% of this is just a good cleaning. Some touch up paint, decal… and an experiment with Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze (Krylon)to bring shine to the paint job. Superficial stuff mostly.

  2. Isn’t it rewarding to do this kind of work, it’s one of my favorite things!! A friend just gave me four old typewriters that had been sitting in his barn for years (with the cases open).
    They were covered in the usual dust and dirt, hay and seeds, but the bad part was all the mess from barn swallows, and bats – yuk. So I spent last night cleaning majorly the Smith Corona Silent from 1949, – a long and detailed job, but in the end there’s a not perfect, but very useable machine that most people would have thrown away!! So keep up the good work = one step at a time for a Typosherial future! Thanks your neighbor in southwest Wisconsin!

  3. Inspiring alteration. I’m about to start work on my own overlooked wonder–a 1903 Underwood that I picked up, with the base and lid, for $25 on eBay.

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