A typewriter’s value is like each morning…

Every day is free… and a beautiful day costs as much as a cold or hot one.  What makes a day special any day of the week is what you do with it.  Same is true with a typewriter… if you use it or just look at it; it’s value is within you and that is all that truly matters.

1935 LC Smith & Corona #8
1935 LC Smith & Corona #8


2 thoughts on “A typewriter’s value is like each morning…”

  1. That is a great looking LC Smith #8. Fine type face too.

    I thought I would never own a full sized office machine. Then a nice HH came along, then another, then my Underwood.

    Perhaps this week the big machine I inquired about on CL will follow me home. I really love the old office machines. I’d love an Underwood #5 and a Royal #10 among a few others. Money, space (well I don’t care where I need to sit one) and wife keep me from actively seeking office typewriters.

  2. Bill:
    I am out of space for the big machines. I like to keep them off the ground. I also don’t want to bump into them and lifting 30 plus pounds dead weight from the floor… is a little bit of effort I will pass on. Still I keep finding room… (books can exist anywhere).

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