4 thoughts on “Cute functioning 1911 Royal #1 is better than rare antique.”

  1. Antique wasn’t always described as such, but these days it is.
    That’s a gorgeous Royal 1 you have there. Such a beautiful machine!

    1. Scott:
      It was one of those lucky things… it had been on display and the owner did not know if it worked and listed as a non-working typewriter. I asked if when you press the space bar does the carriage move… the answer was yes so I felt I would take a chance. I am very happy.

  2. I worked around many from Europe and they generally got a chuckle out of folks in the USA when it came to antique. The US calls something 50 or 100 years old antique. Their response was ‘think that is antique? You should visit my country where antiques are 500 or more years old and anything else is just plain old’.

    I too laugh at the way many people describe rare, vintage, antique. Most do not even know what they have or what is out there in the world. Then like the $400.00 typewriter, they see one fully restored to like-new on a professional typewriter repair site and think what they have is the same.

    1. Bill:
      A one time I was told that an automobile had to be at least 50 years old before it was considered an antique. When I think that the car I drove to high-school by that standard would be an antique makes me shudder… the meaning of words seem to shift to “better market” something instead of reflecting what it truly is. Makes it hard to find what you are looking for. But that is the way of the world. Thank you for your insight.

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