3 thoughts on “Smith Bros No.3 is Number 1 today.”

  1. So you’re riding across Iowa this summer – good for you! Years ago I did the Twin Cities to Chicago Aids Ride – 500 miles in 5 days – truly a life altering experience. Kind of “bursts the bubble” of what you thought you could do. I wonder how much bubble bursting, and perseverance it took to conceive of and built a first typewriter!!??

  2. Don L:
    When I rode on my first RAGBRAI it included a 112 mile day. And while I can do such mileage my choice is not to. On the 7 day ride across Iowa I strive to eat my way across the state and some years gain weight. I just like having fun in the sun and for me just under 90 I can have fun over that and I have to work harder than I like (I’m more turtle than rabbit when I ride).

  3. Ahh yes, it IS the little things that make typewriter collecting so much fun. I too rather enjoy the history of the machines, the stories that are attached to them. I wrote something about that last week on my blog. A trip to my local typewriter repair man brought with it a bunch of stories about the people connected to the machines. It was fascinating. Every typewriter has a story, it seems.

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