6 thoughts on “I re-examine my Remington 10”

  1. Errors? Mistakes? I learn more from that than success. To paraphrase Edison, it is not a mistake or a failure, but learning what does not work.

    1. Richard:
      Well I was only off by one year instead of 12 as before… which in its own way an improvement. Thank you for the information.

  2. Well – lately I saw an auction on ebay where the seller claimed his Corona Flattop (described as “folding”) being from 1800’s. I would suspect a very young seller as for young people (that we were also and probably we felt the same way) 1800 or 1800BC is basically the same thing… (f…reaking old maaaaaaaaaan!)

  3. ZetiX:
    Which just goes to show “buyer beware”… what you read and what you see are two different things. One hopes the pictures are honest even when the words are not.

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