9 thoughts on “I whistle while I type…”

  1. Your Safari looks a lot like mine, Gee, though mine is badged as an Imperial and is a little later. Do you find the basket shift springy to type on as I do typing on mine?

  2. As I read yous posts, I am often surprised to see that we have several typewriters in common. But then, I suppose that should not be so remarkable, since time gives us the advantage of being able to look back and see things in retrospect, the better to compare and put things into perspective. We are able to consider all the wonderful models of typers from the past 100 years or so and clearly see them for their merits and flaws and choose the best among them, so any savvy collector is likely to have at least a few in common with those of like mind. 🙂

  3. Age? What is age? Neat thing about the Typosphere is reading blogs of fellows still in High School or younger and those of fellows in their 60s or more and the world knows no difference in their age unless stated. Never stop learning. Never stop living. Life is too short so I too push as much into a day as possible (too much according to my wife).

    I enjoy all your posts words, photos of typewriters or even if you write the things you want to hear. They may be interesting.

    1. Bill:
      You are so very correct in all you say. Reading and interacting with so many is part of the fun and joy that has come my way from the day I decided to buy a manual typewriter.

  4. At 62 years old, I to feel what you feel, in my body, but my heart and mind are still young!
    Thanks for your sharings, the Typosphere community are my new friends! Don

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