The Hermes needed a workout…

The Hermes 3000 just wanted to be used… so I pressed some keys and they needed to be pressed.  About as often as you would find a snowball in “Heck”… would equal the amount of use this typewriter has gotten in the past decade.  And the past is what it is out of… a long time ago on a desktop far… far away…. It belonged to someone once and wanted to be used and a muse to amuse… The Hermes needs a work out… so I typed…

1960 Hermes 3000
1960 Hermes 3000

2 thoughts on “The Hermes needed a workout…”

  1. Would this typeface have been custom-fitted for a customer, or were they marketed for home use? You wouldn’t imagine the typeface (nice though it is) has much application in a business office.

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