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Jan 032014

Bonus came with this l906 Underwood 5…. a great looking pillow… hard to believe I was the only bidder.

Post 484 (January 3, 2014)

1906 Underwood 5

1906 Underwood 5

  4 Responses to “$29.99 for a 1906 Underwood 5 & a Pillow”

  1. Crikey! It’s underwood week. Lovely!

  2. Your typewriter looks quite nice. From the photos it looks like it may not need a full restoration to get to a good working typewriter.

    IMHO I would wait until there was time to put the machine on the workbench and do nothing else but work on it from start to finish. I find when I start a machine and take it from the bench to do a different on the machine sits (sometimes for months) until I get back to it. Then I need to find my digital photo files and notes so I can remember where I left and what I was needing to do. Plenty of detailed photos really help. I use Olympia cameras with super macro so I can get a few mm away and record very fine detail if needed. I do need the detail reference quite often when it comes to reassembly.

  3. Bill:
    Turns out even less work than I thought… I re-hung a spring and the next thing I new… the lower case started to function… I could type along the full range and it is working smooth.

  4. Scott:
    I had to look up the word “Crikey”… Thanks.

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