1939 Bar-Lock Portable… interesting

The problem with reading other blogs…. you wind up buying a typewriter that you would passed on before.

This is what happened when I read Robert Messenger’s post on the Bar-Lock Portable… I came across one and was the only bidder.

1939 4-Bank Bar-Lock Portable
1939 4-Bank Bar-Lock Portable

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  1. Congratulations! I remember seeing this one on eBay, I believe.

    Don’t know how many were really made, but they are rare, especially in the US. My impression is different from yours: a poor, slushy typewriter trying to imitate the Hermes Baby, which in my opinion isn’t a great typewriter anyway. However, you have a way of seeing the good in people and things. 🙂

  2. Ton S.
    I have a Hermes Baby from l934 which is five years older… The Bar-Lock has glass keys which gives it a great look and feel. On looks the Bar-Lock has the edge and I like the feel. The Hermes has better response and has held up better over the years.

  3. I am actually from Nottingham so these models interest me personally, I have a beautiful office model 19 (385183) of 1938 and a series of Bar-lets and also two Barlock 4 Bank one of 1938 (2228) and one maybe early 1950’s I believe (9618). The earlier as a far better feel to it and seems better built and gives off a certain confidence, this 1938 model too is in a brilliant Gloss black with excellent chromework whereas the later in a sad matt crinkle finish which doesn’t draw you to it. The later model does not have spool covers, but I believe these are just missing although the ribbin spools do say Barlock on them. I heard somewhere that in the 50’s Barlock had serious cash flow problems which might explain quality.
    Do you know if there was anything written on the later model spool covers? I have a friend who is stamping me some new covers for the later model, it would be far easier to make the machine look original if there was no decals on the covers

    1. Tuesday:
      I do not know if the later model spool covers had anything written on them… I am sure that if anyone reading this knows they will post a reply. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge regarding the Bar-lets and Barlock machines.

      1. I actually noticed something on the Royal stems on the machines, the Barlock four bank of 1938 says ” by appointment to King George V” the Model 19 Barlock office which is maybe early months of 1939 says “By appointment to the late King George V” the serial numbers are written above. George V died 20 January 1936, the Barlock 4 bank’s serial number put it at 1938 but it says by appointment to King George V! A thought on date of production!, as there are adverts of 1936 for the Barlock 4 bank maybe it needs futher investigation those serial numbers, why would an early 39 model say late and a late 38 model not …

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