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Dec 272013

The problem with reading other blogs…. you wind up buying a typewriter that you would passed on before.

This is what happened when I read Robert Messenger’s post on the Bar-Lock Portable… I came across one and was the only bidder.

1939 4-Bank Bar-Lock Portable

1939 4-Bank Bar-Lock Portable

  6 Responses to “1939 Bar-Lock Portable… interesting”

  1. Congratulations! I remember seeing this one on eBay, I believe.

    Don’t know how many were really made, but they are rare, especially in the US. My impression is different from yours: a poor, slushy typewriter trying to imitate the Hermes Baby, which in my opinion isn’t a great typewriter anyway. However, you have a way of seeing the good in people and things. :)

  2. Looks like a real workhorse. Can’t find anything cheap in my neck of the woods, generally old and rare = overpriced.

  3. That machine looks steampunk awesome; much more character than the Hermes Baby. Skin deep, at least.

  4. Ton S.
    I have a Hermes Baby from l934 which is five years older… The Bar-Lock has glass keys which gives it a great look and feel. On looks the Bar-Lock has the edge and I like the feel. The Hermes has better response and has held up better over the years.

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