2 thoughts on “10 months later: 1916 Reliance Premier… (ages well)”

  1. That old saying “out with the old and in with the new” does not fit many many situations, especially typewriters.

    Neat the way you compared that nice old machine with old people. I learned quite a lot as a young boy from those my grandfather’s age or older. Being raised by grand parents was a greater experience than I realized at the time. I think I started to realize that when I got out on my own and went to college. My 2 greatest mentors were both about 60 when I was about 12 and when I worked in an old people’s home the interest the residents had in me was amazing. All I needed to do was sit and listen to their stories at times and a bond was created that is quite unexplainable. I was in my mid teens at the time and they were all in their 80s or more.

    1. Bill:
      My Grandparents were in their 60’s when I was born. By the time I came into the world they had a great deal of experience with young children and my actions were always meet with a reaction that was just what I needed. It was not a one reaction for every kid… but the right one for the individual. I was lucky to have had them in my life.

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