13 thoughts on “1962 Royal Empress ($23.00)… living large.”

  1. The Empress is big, much like the Remington Standard 24. Out of all my Royal desk tops the Empress and FP make less noise. The typeface is a nice Pica which was a surprise because most of my Royal’s came with Elite. I really enjoy the Empress. Also that was a wonderful thing you did for Scott Kernaghan. I wish there were more people like you. Your kindness is appreciated.

    1. Jose:
      In the long run… I may have benefited the most. By looking for a box… I found old coins from my childhood that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

  2. Even the older “bigs” are comfortable to use. I’m thinking of my Royal No. 10. A respected typewriter repairman said that the standards are nice to type with because they don’t have to compromise the action by squeezing the typebar linkage into a small space.

  3. Beautiful machine. Nice typeface. Glad you got the sticky keys working. Half the fun of collecting and using these things is repairing them.

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