7 thoughts on “Like a snowball… kindness grows as you roll it along.”

  1. Gee, you sure are “warped” — you’re the most positive blogger in the typosphere! 🙂

    The concept of “paying it forward” has now fortunately become part of our culture. I read a story about how common it has become for people paying for their fast food to pay the bill of the person in the car behind them, just in order to do a good, unrewarded deed.

  2. Richard is right, you by far are the most positive on the Typosphere.

    Such lovely thoughts.

    During the 2011 floods here in Brisbane, we offered up housing to people so that they wouldn’t have to go to evacuation centres. After the floods subsides, we helped clean the houses and streets in our neighbourhood. We make a better place by helping out each other, rather than being cut-throat competitors that revel in someone else’s misfortune.

    But then again, I work in Children’s oncology – where I get to see on a daily basis people supporting each other for the better.

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