4 thoughts on “Multi-Tasking…. vs single tasking…”

  1. My old Dad (bless him) had a succession of second-hand black and white TVs – watching them was like trying to see through a snow blizzard! Bonanza, The Virginian, etc. all B&W. My first experience of a colour TV was watching the 1970 World Cup at a neighbour’s house. Brazil sure were a colourful team!

  2. Back in the early 1960’s we had a 25″ B&W TV until 1967 when I was eleven yrs old. My mother hit the number and when I got home from school there was this long TV with a record player on the right side and a bar on the left side. It was an RCA color TV and the first program I saw in color was Dark Shadows. What I remember back then the name of program with “In Color!” or “Good news now you can view this program in color”. The thing I loved about the 1960’s was my collection of 45rpm records. Wow I just relived my childhood years. Thank you for the memories.

  3. Steve:
    The reception on those old TV’s were not that good… but I would watch… if I could make out a face that was good enough for me.

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