4 thoughts on “1919 National #3 & Twilight Zone Magazine”

  1. These aren’t great typewriters; I’m impressed that you can get yours to type a page. But your point about “force my focus in new ways” is good — every typewriter is different and creates a new kind of engagement for us.

    TR’s price estimates were always more accurate than DR’s — you have to multiply those by about a factor of 4.

  2. Man. I can see with your output on that machine that you really had to endure some pain-in-the-arse’edness. I’d heard that these machines basically turned to tinned poo as they aged, and I have to take my hat off to you for persisting.

    That said…. $250? I guess a working machine isn’t necessarily worth the value of the usefulness of the item, but rather the collectable nature of it. A machine that is working like this implies that is still in fair condition.

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