3 thoughts on “I give away typewriter parts… in return I am blessed with “lost treasure””

  1. Spiderwebz:
    My father used his car to deliver mail… people would by stamps from him and coins would fall all over. He didn’t have time to find all of them. I got to keep the 1 cent coins. Later I knew enough to swap out the buffalo nickels for (new ones). At first I spent every cent I got… then I started keeping the odd looking one’s. Coins with wheat on the back stopped being made in 1959, Indian Head (the 1901 coin stopped being made in 1909) Buffalo nickels in the late 1930’s. By l963 they were still showing up but not common. If I didn’t need candy that day… I kept them. Not for future value… but they stood out.

  2. I love this post, GEE. The idea of the serendipitous discovery that comes like a little gift while you’re on some journey of kindness is nice. But mostly I’m enjoying the recollection of my own coin collecting that your story prodded from my memory. I was perhaps 15. We’re talking nearly 60 years ago. I had my dad loan me a bag of nickels, one of those old canvas bank bags, from his vending machine business. From them I partially filled a fold-out cardboard folder with nickel-sized places for each year. It went into storage long ago along with a similar book of pennies. I’ve promised a granddaughter I’d find my old Polaroid camera for her – a journey through the dusty storage shelves I’ve been putting off. Perhaps a Saturday morning and your inspiration will kick me off on that journey.

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